About Us

When advancing age, infirmity, or disability lead to a situation where life becomes too difficult to cope with independently, the limited options available may involve moving into a Residential Care Home or, becoming increasingly reliant on the kindness of family, friends and neighbours, inevitably losing a degree of independence or worse still - leaving the feeling that you could be becoming a burden.

Since 1980 Able Care has provided a supportive care service enabling their clients to remain within the comfortable, familiar and much loved surroundings of their own home.

The security of familiar surroundings and a regular routine, combined with the reassurance of having an experienced carer to deal with daily requirements allows our Clients to enjoy a quality of life not easily matched in other environments.


Applying for and Receiving Cover

A free initial visit is arranged to assess the needs of those requiring cover and discuss any specific requirements there may be and also to answer any questions that either the client or those representing them may have. This could take place at the home, in a nursing home or in hospital.

We then prepare, and after which, regularly update a Care Plan for the client specifying the level of assistance required, this in turn is then used to brief carers before their respective placement.

On having received cover where possible Care Co-ordinators will discuss any feedback of placements with the client, ensuring that as time passes we begin to make placements based on both their requirements, and their personality. Because cover is arranged on a rota basis once good matches have been made we can give the client continuity and familiarity week to week, with their choice of live-in help.


Financial help

If your circumstances qualify you could get at least part funding granted by your local council. To find out if you are eligible you will need to undergo assessments, look into getting a financial assessment and a needs assessment from the links provided here.

Because of how our organisation is structured we require that clients who are receiving contributions do so through direct payments. This needn’t cause concern however because funding can be transferred into your account (or someone you have chosen to represent you) and our payments can be made through direct debit, making the process seamless. The benefit of this however is you (or your chosen representative) are fully in control of the choice of carers and cover you receive.


Our Carers

Our Carers come from all over the country, having differing backgrounds and ages, however all must meet the level of care experience required before they can be registered for work with us. Also, in line with the National Care Standards Act, we carry out checks with the Criminal Record Bureau and ensure that they are legally able to work within the UK before commencing work.

All our carers are able to perform the daily tasks involved in running a household, as well as being responsible Carers and companions. Others may have had experience caring for those needing help with personal hygiene, giving support to those with difficulty walking unaided or suffering from incontinence or confusion.


Live-In Care

Placements commence on an agreed starting date and usually for the duration of two weeks. On completion it is our policy to have the carer wait to changeover with those continuing cover - making it possible for any recent changes or observations to be conveyed to the other ensuring that each of them is aware of the up-to-date situation.

Carer Salaries

Full-time 'live in' Carers operate on a self-employed basis, being responsible for their own tax and National Insurance contributions. Their remuneration is reflective of the level of care being provided, and reviewed when ever necessary taking into account the Client’s state of health (disabilities, incontinence, disturbed nights, number of people requiring care in the household, etc are all factors taken into consideration).

Carers are paid as follows:

  • Weekly salaries range between £600 and £800.
  • Travelling Expenses are also payable, capped at £40 per Care period.
  • An extra £55 per day is required for any Bank Holiday, other than at Christmas where an extra £80 per day is required for each of the 3 Bank Holidays.

In addition, Agency Fees are payable as follows:

Live In Short-term respite cover
£105 + VAT per week £140 + VAT per week

Should a Client wish to engage a Housekeeper/Carer introduced by the Agency on a long-term basis the Client agrees to inform the Agency and pay a Placement Fee of £1000 plus VAT. No refunds of fees are available to Clients in such circumstances.

For further information our brochure can be found here